war Toward a Secret Sky by New York Times bestselling author Heather Maclean is a new breed of YA novel: an intelligent adventure-quest crossed with a sweeping, forbidden love story -- perfect for readers who've graduated from Percy Jackson, but aren't quite ready for "50 Shades of Fairies"...

A mix between "National Treasure" and "Outlander" for teens, this fast-paced thriller leads readers on a breathless flight through the highlands of Scotland, the secret city under London, and history itself.

Along the way readers learn about history, archeology, art, psychology, and a host of other subjects from priest holes and Pi to Louise Bourgeois. Maclean hopes readers end the book feeling smart and empowered, and knowing that they, like Maren, don't need sex, spells, or swords to save the day.

The themes of love as sacrifice, faith, and the nature of evil are explored in a story that ultimately reminds readers no matter how they might feel, they are never alone.

All locations in the book are real places throughout Great Britain. For more information on each site, visit Maren's Travelogue.


"Five Stars! Mysterious, romantic, and totally fun! Toward a Secret Sky is the type of adventure I could lose myself in over and over again." - Stephanie Garber, author of Caraval

"A deliciously atmospheric, twisty read that will hook readers from the start with its mystery and romance. It left me aching to hop on a plane to Scotland and have my own magical adventure!" - Rebecca Christiansen, author of Maybe in Paris

war "Full of intrigue, savvy world-building, and sizzling romantic tension, Maclean's enthralling storytelling will keep readers flipping pages--and wanting more." - Emily R. King, author of The Hundredth Queen

"I enjoyed this so much. It has just the right combination of magic, intrigue, and romance, and the beautiful Scottish backdrop and descriptions of various ancient sites just made it all the more appealing." - Heather Fawcett, author of Even the Darkest Stars

"Five stars! This was the type of thrilling story I always dreamed of reading when I was younger (way before paranormal romance became popular!)" - Shaila Patel, author of Soulmated, winner of the 2015 Chanticleer Book Reviews' Paranormal Awards

"I would definitely recommend to anyone who liked Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging, or even fans of the Princess Diaries. The book is fantastic overall!" - Claire M. Andrews, author of Olympus Rising

Maren moves to Scotland in the same way someone jumps off a cliff into a black void. Settling into the new life is hard, but when she meets a good looking hunter in the forest she learns that her life has been nothing but secrets. The scenes and descriptions around life in Scotland with all of its variety are simply a treat. The author does a fantastic job of introducing a country full of beauty and roughness. When the demons appear and people start to die, the action is non-stop. All of this is mixed in with a lovely sense of mystery, one which also hangs greatly on Maren's interesting ability to solve puzzles. By mixing beautiful landscapes with forbidden romance and then adding a horde of blood thirsty demons, this story promises an exhilarating ride. - T. Drecker (Bookworm for Kids)

Demons, deception, and a fabulous story await the reader of Toward a Secret Sky! The author does a wonderful job with making the world of Maren come alive. With some of the best descriptions I've read I could picture every step of her journey. The story itself is not boring or slow at all! Even the beginning is fast paced. This was a non-stop action packed thriller! Top Pick Title - 5 stars (Night Owl Reviews)

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